2016-2017 Rules and Regulations

All Rules in the Official LBNJB Rules will be in force except the following

  • 1 Coach may Stand to instruct his team (no assistant may stand to instruct)
  • Player advantage Rule is NOT in play
  • Pass in backcourt Rule is NOT in play
  • Team may press last 2 min of 5th (3rd-4th)  and the entire 5th period (5th-6th)  and (7th-8th can press the entire game)
  • Overtime is (2) min running clock unless a timeout is called 3rd O.T. = sudden death (1st basket wins)
  • k-1 division has a 30 min practice before each 4 (6) six min periods with subs at each quater
  • 2nd grade division will have 20 min practice before each (5) five periods of (6) min running clock with subs at each quarter
  • Ball Sizes are as follows     k-1st (25.5)     2nd (27.5)    3rd-6th (28.5)    7th-8th (29.5)