Refund Policy

webmaster May 9, 2012 Comments Off on Refund Policy

LB NJB has a refund policy to cover the costs of processing the refunds.  Additionally, because we fill up in most divisions, each kid that is signed up and subsequently drops from a team after evaluation day  takes a spot from another kid.  Our refund policy is as follows:

  1. If you request a refund PRIOR TO EVALUATION DAY, you will receive a full refund minus a $35 processing fee.
  2. If you request a refund within 14 days of  evaluation day, you will receive a 50% refund minus a $35 processing fee.
  3. If you request a refund after the 1st evaluation day, no refund will be provided.

Refund Procedure

  1. Email your refund request to
  2. Include your name, your child’s name, grade and reason for refund.
  3. Give us the address to mail the check to.  Even though you paid by credit card, you will receive your refund in the form of a check.

Regardless of when you ask for your refund, ALL refunds will be processed 2-3 weeks after the 1st games of the season.

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