Draft Rules


Draft Procedure

The selection of players for the teams in divisions that use a draft will use the following procedure:

1. Before the draft, the Division Player Agent will publish a list of all eligible players for each division’s draft.
Only those players on the list may be selected. Any player that does not attend evaluation will be drafted
by hat picks during the draft. A Head coach can choose to select a name from the draft board or the hat,
as long as there are names still in the hat.

2. Only the team head coach, the Division Player Agent, and other persons designated by the Board may be
present at the draft. A head coach that cannot attend the draft can have a “fill-in”. That “fill-in” is not
guaranteed to be placed on that team. The draft rules apply to team selection.

3. The draft order will be determined by a random draw prior to the commencement of the draft. The team
name will be selected in reverse order of the draft. For instance draft order is 1 through 6. Head coaches
will select their team names in 6 through 1 order.

4. The draft will be a serpentine style through the rounds until all teams have selected the pre-determined
number of players.

5. In the event the pre-determined number of players results in an uneven number of players per team, the
Head Coach with the first pick in the draft will be required to make the last pick in the draft. The players
remaining in the final draft round shall be selected by the Head Coach with the lowest draft pick (in reverse
order) respectively, until the last player is chosen by the Head Coach who had the first pick.

6.Prior to leaving the room in which the draft is conducted, Head Coaches may trade players with theapproval of the Board member(s) present and Division Player Agent. Trades may only happen with playersdrafted within one round. For instance, a player drafted in round 4 can be traded with a player drafted in 3rd or, 4th, or 5th round.

7. After the draft has concluded and rosters are issued, there will be no more trades. Upon extreme situation
brought to the Boards attention after the draft, trades must be approved by the Division Player Agent and
two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.


Drafting Head Coaches Children and Siblings

The Head Coaches player(s) shall be drafted in or before the 5th round. The player shall be drafted in a higher
round if the independent evaluation has rated that player in a draft round higher. If a Coach’s son is a 1st round player, that coaches son gets to be placed in the 2nd round so each coach is allowed to have a 1st round pick. If there are two siblings of a Head Coach that were to play on the same team, both siblings must be drafted by the 5th round or the round as described above. The waiver rule noted above does NOT apply to assistant coaches’ children.

If a Head Coach wishes to have a particular assistant on his or her team, the Head Coach must select the
assistant’s son or daughter through the draft. Therefore, assistants’ children are not protected in the draft.
When there are two or more siblings (not Head Coaches children) in a division draft and the first brother or sister is
drafted by a coach that Head Coach automatically has to draft the other brother or sister in the next available

If, at the end of a division draft, there are siblings on different teams, the Division Player Agent and the Board
Member(s) shall immediately facilitate a trade so that they will be on the same team unless the parents of the
siblings have requested otherwise.